For on the way

Refillable and light drinking bottles for on the way

Sustainable, refillable drinking bottles for on the go

In our opinion, refillable drinking bottles for on the road have become a must. What is healthier than tap water? And it is also the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to disposable bottles from the supermarket. No matter where you are on your way to, whether to the amusement park with your children, to go shopping in the city or to the nearest outdoor swimming pool. You'll find washbasins everywhere - here you can easily refill your water bottle on the way. We admit, in Germany we are still a bit behind, but in one or the other city you will find some drinking fountains or water dispensers to fill up your water bottle.

Our recommendation for on the road

Refillable drinking bottle uberBottle with carrying strap for on the way


Flooding in your purse or backpack? That's over! With the leak-proof, sporty drinking bottle uberBottle you won't find your handbag or rucksack wet again.


Take your water bottle everywhere. With the handy and practical carrying strap you can easily hold your water bottle in your hand or clip it to your backpack.

Nachhaltigkeit durch Vermeidung von Einweg-Plastik - wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von 720°DGREE


By using a drinking bottle and avoiding disposable plastic, you will ensure that the park in your area remains clean and well maintained. You will also help to reduce waste production and thus take the first step towards a sustainable future.

Our recommendation for enterprising children

uberBottle Kids with fruit insert for long trips or excursions

Take the kids on long car trips, on journeys, to the amusement park or simply on a day trip to the nearby zoo - with the optimal children's drinking bottle for on the road and the day is saved.

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uberBottle - Fruchtbehälter für deine fruchtig-leckeren Getränke


With the fruit insert you can refine your drink with your child's favourite fruit on longer car trips, longer excursions or a day at the amusement park, making drinking a real pleasure.


With your favourite colour in your hand, drinking is much more fun. This way your child will not "refuse" the bottle so often - even if he or she is already 7 or 11 years old.

BPA-freie Trinkflasche 720°DGREE


The children's drinking bottle for on the go is BPA-free. Your child will eat only the pure taste of water or the water-fruit combination - without any traces of plastic taste.

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For on the way & warm, well protected food

Stainless steel thermobox wunderJar for your delicious meal on the go

Perfekt temperierte Getränke in deiner Trinkflasche / deinem Kaffeebecher


Your food stays deliciously warm for up to 9 hours and tastes as good as freshly prepared. Cold food is also kept refrigerated for up to 16 hours.


The warming box / thermobox is made of high-quality stainless steel and thus ensures a high durability and long usability.


Whether to the university, to a picnic or to the office. The wunderJar is simply perfect for any occasion. But especially on the road and in your leisure activities.

Our recommendation, if things should get a little rougher

Robust and leak-proof noLimit drinking bottle

Should it be over rough and smooth, the excursion to the amusement park fall flat and lead to the nearby park, the robust and leak-proof noLimit drinking bottle is just the right thing.

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With the robust noLimit you can also make your trips in somewhat rougher and rougher climates. It will always accompany you and even if you have a small fall, the bottle will still remain fully functional.

Perfekt temperierte Getränke in deiner Trinkflasche / deinem Kaffeebecher

Always the right temperature

In the warm summer, pour your cooled water in the morning and enjoy it on the way in the afternoon. This is only possible thanks to the insulating function of the stainless steel bottle, so you will always be well provided for on your journey.

BPA-freie Trinkflasche 720°DGREE


The drinking bottle for travelling is BPA-free. You will enjoy the pure taste of the water or tea you pour into the stainless steel bottle - without any traces of plastic taste.

Snivelling children, adé

You know the thing about long drives, right? "When will we be there?" it echoes off the back of your car every half hour. And while this question is still hanging in your ears when you go on a trip to the amusement park or the zoo, the question "When are we going home? We have the ultimate new "toy" that will keep your kids quiet on the ride or in the park and that your kids will find cool. It also ensures that your children always drink enough. Also the screaming for delicious, sweet lemonade is now a thing of the past. Because with the fruit insert, it's now "Mom, Dad? So lemonades are a thing of the past and from now on there is only water mixed with fresh fruit - optimal for the health of your child.