Colors, colors & again colors

Discover the colour variety of 720°DGREE!

Colours play a central role in our lives. Everybody has his favourite and everybody likes one colour better than the other. We also offer a wide range of colours for our drinking bottles to suit every taste and to give everyone the colour he or she likes. Maybe you prefer the sporty uberBottle in the sporty colours like a bright pink or in bright yellow, in the elegant milkyBottle you prefer the sublime colours like emerald green or an elegant sapphire blue.

No matter what your answer is, you will find your favourite colour for every bottle.


Water bottle over bottle in sporty colours


Our bottles in the colours flamingo pink and fuchsia pink - never go out of fashion. Do you want to know what you can express with the colours pink & pink?

Serenity & Playfulness

Rosa has a calming effect. Especially sensitive and delicate contemporaries prefer this colour. Pink, on the other hand, is playful and has feminine features, which is why girls in particular are likely to be attracted to the bright colour.


Large selection for the lovers of blue and cold colours. With ocean blue, sky blue and sapphire blue we offer you three different shades of blue, which will surely meet your taste. What does the colour blue stand for?

Trust & Harmony

The colour blue has a trusting, approachable and harmonious effect. People who prefer the colour blue are at peace with themselves and are not easily upset.


With imperial red and watermelon red we have two different colour variations in warm, red tones. We anticipated it a little, because...

Warmth & passion

...the colour red radiates warmth above all, but also passion. Who doesn't think of love or a cosy evening in front of the fireplace when thinking of colour?


So far we have only one yellow color in our program - honey yellow. For the summer nevertheless an absolute eye-catcher, which will shine with the sun around the competition.

Happiness & Energy

If you have the colour yellow as your favourite, you are full of energy, full of drive and at the same time full of happiness. So not only the bottle shines with the sun.


It can be argued whether lavish plum belongs to purple or rather to red/bordeaux. Anyway...the color is mega! With ultra violet there is no reason to argue - pure, gaudy purple.

Spirituality & Wisdom

With the colour purple you express spirituality and wisdom. Purple is a very sublime and rich colour, which is why it perfectly reflects your wisdom.


These should not be missing in any good range. Snow white, stone gray and onyx black for those who like it rather plain and less gaudy. What do the colours white, black and grey mean?

Clarity, Power & Timelessness

The colour white expresses purity and clarity. You are at peace with yourself and are always thinking clearly, even in stressful situations. The colours black and grey, on the other hand, express elegance and power. You are a very strong-willed and confident person if you prefer these colours.


Despite three shades of green, three completely different colours. Apple green for the bright ones among you, forest green for the nature lovers and emerald green for the elegant ones. But, what do the colours look like?

Nature, Health & Independence

With the colour green you express your connection to nature. You are concerned about your health and enjoy your free time with a walk in the fresh air. It also means independence. You stand on your own two feet and know exactly what you're doing.

Bei den 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es eine unglaublich große Farbpalette aus der man sich die schönste aussuchen kann. Die Farbvielfalt der Sportflaschen werden durch die abgebildeten Farb-Quadrate dargestellt.

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Colour variety en masse

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milkyBottle - elegant & stylish stainless steel vacuum flask
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PleasureToGo - stainless steel thermo coffee mug


Sublime colors of stainless steel water bottle milkyBottle

Auch bei unserer milkyBottle hast du eine vielfältige Farbauswahl. Auch zwischen unterschiedlichen Beschichtungen kannst du wählen.

Elegant colours in the milkyBottle

noLimit - Colourful vacuum flask

Robust stainless steel vacuum flask in colourful design

Why do we need colours in our lives?

Let's be honest: Colours simply make life more beautiful, more varied, more pleasant and more colourful. Colors also express affiliation. It is not without reason that all kinds of clubs appear in uniform colours. They convey membership of a group. So what are you and your team waiting for? Also make sure you get a water bottle in the color of your club.

In addition, colours have very different effects on people. So they have positive but also negative associations. For this reason everyone has a different favourite colour. For some, the colour red holds something threatening and acts as a signal colour, but for others it stands for something warm or seductive. Everyone is different and that's why we at 720°DGREE want everyone to find their own personal favourite colour, which they can use to express their inner self.

No matter which colour you choose, we wish you a lot of fun with your bottle and hope that the colour will not miss its effect.