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In the gym - you are the star!

In the gym - you are the star! Fitness water bottles from 720°DGREE!

Whether circuit training, weight lifting, crossfit or body pump, whether pump, runner, fitness lover or poser - in the gym you are the star. Everybody knows that feeling. You run faster than ever before on the treadmill, you squeeze a kilo more week after week or you're just proud of your six-pack. After every exercise, after every bead of sweat that your body sweats out, you feel better - just like a star. But one thing you shouldn't forget with all the star airs and graces: Drink enough, enough and healthy! Inadequate water intake is the reason why athletes cannot reach the absolute performance limit and sometimes even stay below their level. Before, during and after sport, you should always drink enough to make your body efficient and give it the power it deserves.


BPA-free sports water bottle uberBottle with fruit infuser for fitness training


Depending on how long you are in the gym and how intense your sport is, you will need a water bottle that will make it easier for you to drink water. With the 1 litre or 1.5 litre sports bottle, your drink is always at your side in sufficient quantity.

uberBottle - Fruchtbehälter für deine fruchtig-leckeren Getränke


The integrated fruit container allows you to refine your water with fruits according to your preferences. Whether simply with lime or with mint and mango - there are no limits to creativity and fruitiness.

BPA-freie Trinkflasche 720°DGREE


Health is your most important asset. That's why you go to the gym and that's why you torture yourself week after week and workout after workout. Drink your water only from our BPA-free bottles for the gym and feel better.


After the training or already before the training you have to be annoyed about a run out water bottle? It's over! With the leak-proof sports water bottle uberBottle you won't find your sports bag wet anymore and you won't have to be annoyed anymore.


The carrying strap on the uberBottle sports bottle is perfect for carrying it from device to device. Do you also know the problem of the lost locker bowl? Just clip the key to the loop and you'll never lose a key again.


With the water scale you can check how much you have drunk during or after fitness training. So you will be reminded at all times during the workout to keep yourself efficient and drink enough.

Find your sports water bottle for fitness training!

Water bottles for your workouts in the gym

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noLimit - robust stainless steel vacuum flask including sports lid
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uberBottle - BPA free sports bottle with fruit infuser
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simplBottle - sporty drinking bottle with a transparent look
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