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In the gym - you are the star!

In the gym - you are the star! Fitness water bottles from 720°DGREE!

Whether circuit training, weight lifting, crossfit or body pump, whether pump, runner, fitness lover or poser - in the gym you are the star. Everybody knows that feeling. You run faster than ever before on the treadmill, you squeeze a kilo more week after week or you're just proud of your six-pack. After every exercise, after every bead of sweat that your body sweats out, you feel better - just like a star. But one thing you shouldn't forget with all the star airs and graces: Drink enough, enough and healthy! Inadequate water intake is the reason why athletes cannot reach the absolute performance limit and sometimes even stay below their level. Before, during and after sport, you should always drink enough to make your body efficient and give it the power it deserves.


BPA-free sports water bottle uberBottle with fruit infuser for fitness training

Die 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es in vielen verschiedenen Größen. Für jeden Anlass gibt es die ideale Größe. Auf dem, Bild sind zwei schwarze Silhouetten von verschieden großen Flaschen.


Depending on how long you are in the gym and how intense your sport is, you will need a water bottle that will make it easier for you to drink water. With the 1 litre or 1.5 litre sports bottle, your drink is always at your side in sufficient quantity.

Mit dem Fruchtsieb der 720°DGREE uberBottle kannst du dein Wasser ganz individuell mit Früchten verfeinern. Die Schatten von einem Apfel und von Weintrauben sollen dies verdeutlichen.


The integrated fruit container allows you to refine your water with fruits according to your preferences. Whether simply with lime or with mint and mango - there are no limits to creativity and fruitiness.

Alle Trinkflaschen sind BPA- und Schadstofffrei.


Health is your most important asset. That's why you go to the gym and that's why you torture yourself week after week and workout after workout. Drink your water only from our BPA-free bottles for the gym and feel better.

Alle 720°DGREE Flaschen sind garantiert und absolut auslaufsicher und können deswegen ohne Probleme transportiert werden. Diese Fähigkeit wird von einem Anker dargestellt.


After the training or already before the training you have to be annoyed about a run out water bottle? It's over! With the leak-proof sports water bottle uberBottle you won't find your sports bag wet anymore and you won't have to be annoyed anymore.

Dank der praktischen Trageschlaufe an deiner uberBottle von 720°DGREE kannst du deine Flasche immer gut halten. Egal welcher Aktivität du nachgehst - die uberBottle ist immer dabei. Die Schlaufe wird durch die Skizze von einem Seil abgebildet.


The carrying strap on the uberBottle sports bottle is perfect for carrying it from device to device. Do you also know the problem of the lost locker bowl? Just clip the key to the loop and you'll never lose a key again.

Dank der Wasserskala an deiner Trinkflasche hast du immer einen Überblick, sodass du genug Wasser trinkst - auch beim Sport. Diese Eigenschaft wird von einem zum Teil gefüllten Messbecher dargestellt.


With the water scale you can check how much you have drunk during or after fitness training. So you will be reminded at all times during the workout to keep yourself efficient and drink enough.

Bei den 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es eine unglaublich große Farbpalette aus der man sich die schönste aussuchen kann. Die Farbvielfalt der Sportflaschen werden durch die abgebildeten Farb-Quadrate dargestellt.

Find your sports water bottle for fitness training!

Water bottles for your workouts in the gym

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noLimit - robust stainless steel vacuum flask including sports lid
from $24.00
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uberBottle - BPA free sports bottle with fruit infuser
from $14.00
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simplBottle - sporty drinking bottle with a transparent look
from $11.00


Ein Mädchen mit blonden Haaren sitzt im Schneidersitz auf einer Laufbahn mit einer uberBottle von 720°DGREE in der Hand. Die Farbe ist Fuchsia Pink und die Flasche ist mit einem Logo bedruckt.

For your team in the gym or your sports event!

720°DGREE individualisiert deine Trnikflasche und macht sie einzigartig und besonders. Dafür steht ein Fingerabdruck.


With the Co-Branding of 720°DGREE you can get something special for your gym or sports event. Simply print or laser your logo on the water bottle and you have something unique.

Individualisierte Trinkflasche als optimales Geschenk


Are you planning a major sporting event such as extreme obstacle courses like Xletix or Muddy Angel? Then give the participants something to remember and what they like to use in their free time or for sports after the event.

Die 720°DGREE Flaschen sind auch ideal für Vereine und Teams.


Do you want to give your gym staff something to work with, something to unite with and something to identify with? You can equip your gym team with our customizable water bottles!

Contact us for individualized water bottles

Go to the gym, man!

In the gym you will find numerous offers. The best, however, is what we have: Water, pure and pure water! Still, maybe with a little taste? Maybe strawberry flavor or orange flavor? Then forget about the syrup they offer you at the gym. With the Fitness Drinking Bottle overBottle you can easily add taste to your water by adding real strawberries or orange slices to the designated fruit container. This is definitely the healthiest alternative we can offer you.

Besides, the uberBottle is really something. She is your stylish and sporty companion for the gym. If you've moved to a new city and don't have one to pump with yet, you've found a new Fitness Buddy here and now! And if that buddy isn't enough for you, you'll definitely find someone at the gym who has the same bottle as you, so you'll be talking to more buddies. Our drinking bottles for the gym are therefore always worthwhile.

Back to the seriousness of life: The reason why you go to the gym is that you want to keep fit, stay healthy and keep away from back pain. Well, there gibt´s still the Discopumper, but we just ignore them. You want to feel healthy and good. So why do you still drink from bottles that contain BPA? Our water bottles are BPA-free and you will only feel the pure taste of your drink in your mouth - without any influences of plastic taste.

And something else on top: Do you already know extreme obstacle courses? Really something for men, through mud and mud and really beautiful exhausting. Dear men, you have so cut yourselves off. That's right, mud and mud is just as good for women. With Muddy Angel there is an extreme obstacle course only for women. We are proud to provide branded bottles for both the Xletix and Muddy Angel events and believe that this form of fitness is just the thing for people who enjoy getting the most out of their workout.

So what are you waiting for? In the gym you are the star - because our uberBottle is definitely the perfect companion for every fitness session in the gym.