For the kindergarten

Kids water bottles - robust, leak-proof and BPA free

Robust, leak-proof and BPA free - that´s how drinking for kids is going to be child´s play

Only the best for your child! You know the problem - your child completely forgets to drink through all the adventures he experiences on a strenuous kindergarten day and drinks in the kindergarten only on the instruction of the teacher. What your child, niece or grandchild needs is a water bottle that is fun to drink, that it likes to take with it and that makes drinking water, spritzers or iced tea totally easy.

With our 720°DGREE water bottles for kindergarten a real piece of cake.


BPA-free and leak-proof water bottle over bottle for children!

BPA-freie Trinkflasche 720°DGREE


You want your child to be and stay healthy. For this reason it should drink enough water. Your child achieves this very easily with the drinking bottle uberBottle for children. Our kindergarten drinking bottle is also BPA-free and therefore the perfect companion for your child.


With water bottles in different sizes - 350ml, 500ml or 650ml - you are guaranteed to find the right size for your child. The water scale also helps you to check how much your child has really drunk.

uberBottle - Fruchtbehälter für deine fruchtig-leckeren Getränke


Water gets too boring for your child at some point and he literally screams for sweet, tasty lemonade? Give your child something better - real fruit! Thanks to fruit containers, drinking water becomes a lot of fun and there is always enough water drunk in the kindergarten.


Thanks to seals, your child will never come home with a wet backpack again.

Einfache / Kinderleichte Bedienung deiner Trinkflasche


So that your child no longer needs help, the uberBottle can be opened super easily with one hand.

Customer opinions about the uberBottle Kids for the kindergarten

Super great flask. The first bottle that's really leak-proof!! Our children take them for the kindergarten. Easy to clean, great design. In total we have 5 bottles, everything is top and the colours are super.

Amazon customer Kiki, review written on 14 June 2019

We bought these bottles for our daughters for school, kindergarten and sports! They don't leak, you can pour in carbonated water and they can survive a fall. Qualitatively and optically a very attractive product - would buy it again any time!

Amazon customer Samuel McKorn, review written on 10 January 2019

Find the beloved color of your child!

BPA free and leak-proof water bottles for the kindergarten!

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noLimit - robust stainless steel vacuum flask including sports lid
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uberBottle - Botella de agua para niños sin BPA para la escuela o deportes

Perfectly cooled or warmed drinks!

Robust stainless steel water bottle for your child!

Always perfectly cooled or heated drinks for the morning and afternoon in kindergarten.

Buy noLimit Kids now!

Robuste Edelstahl Flasche


The noLimit made of stainless steel is robust and can withstand small bumps on the playground or during the time in the kindergarten, so that you also get something from the bottle for a long time.

Perfekt temperierte Getränke in deiner Trinkflasche / deinem Kaffeebecher


With the stainless steel bottle you always have perfectly cooled or warmed drink - according to your wishes or season.


With the leak-proof noLimit water bottle for children, wet backpacks are a thing of the past.

Give your child, grandchild or niece only the best!

With the 720°DGREE Drinking Bottles for Kindergarten, drinking becomes child's play for your child. All our water bottles are BPA-free and leak proof, so you never have to worry about unhealthy water bottles or wet backpacks again.

Because you know the problem - you send your child to kindergarten in the morning with his backpack. Includes one water bottle. In the afternoon you pick it up again, unpack your bag and you feel - it's all wet. If you are tired of having to unpack wet backpacks over and over again, we can recommend the leak-proof uberBottle water bottle for kindergarten. For permanent leak safety, check the seals regularly. These can easily slip into the holder if the bottle is opened and closed frequently. If you simply press it in each time you rinse, your child's water bottle should be leak-proof for a long time.

With the colorful water bottles, whether tritan or stainless steel, whether over bottle or noLimit, fun is guaranteed and your child will surely find a bottle in his/her favorite color. The water bottles are not only perfect for the kindergarten, but of course also for on the way. So your child has a faithful companion for every adventure.

Even if your child doesn't know anything more annoying than drinking warm water in summer, we have something: With our stainless steel bottles for children in handy sizes, the water is kept cold for 24 hours and even after several hours, the grip on the water bottle is a refreshing experience. Our stainless steel water bottles for the kindergarten are also BPA-free, leak-proof and robust. If the bottle should land a hard landing while playing, the noLimit water bottle in particular cannot be thrown out of its frame so quickly.