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Jogging like never before

Jog like never before - with your new 720°DGREE water bottle!

In the park, by the lake or on forest paths - jogging and running are the most common sports activities. What's the reason for that? It's simple - you need nothing but your own body. No ball, no bat, no wheels. It's the simplest sport if you just look at the equipment you need. However, the modern runner cannot do without all the equipment. The smartphone on the arm with music and tracker and the sports gel in the trouser pocket provide the necessary support for jogging.

One thing you should never forget - drinking enough is the be-all and end-all! When jogging, you go into physical limits and really power yourself up. So that you don't run out of breath on the way, you don't become black in your face and you are able to perform to your maximum until your arrival, you need a sufficient supply of water - with the small water bottle over the bottle this is no longer a problem and dehydration during running is a thing of the past.


Small, handy water bottle uberBottle with easy operation for stress-free running.


When jogging you should carry as little weight as necessary with you, because it only disturbs you when running. With the feather-light, small water bottle uberBottle in 350ml, 500ml or 650ml, you'll definitely find a size that won't hinder you from running.


Use the carrying strap of the uberBottle and keep the bottle firmly in your hand while jogging. If you want to fasten the bottle to a belt, the loop also helps you to prevent the bottle from falling down.

Einfache / Kinderleichte Bedienung deiner Trinkflasche


The opening mechanism, which can be operated with one hand, is made for the runner. Stay in your running movement without having to open the bottle with two hands. One click opens your uberBottle water bottle and you can drink your drink.

BPA-freie Trinkflasche 720°DGREE


As a runner, your health is particularly important to you - in the truest sense of the word. So drink only pollution-free water by doing without disposable plastic and switching to our BPA-free water bottles.

uberBottle - Fruchtbehälter für deine fruchtig-leckeren Getränke


Jogging in nature is the most beautiful thing for you, because you "absorb" nature completely? That's the way your drink should be - full of healthy fruits. With the fruit infuser of the uberBottle it is very easy to produce a fruity drink with the simplest means - only fruit is needed.

Sports bottles for your workout!

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uberBottle - Botella de agua para niños sin BPA para la escuela o deportes
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uberBottle - BPA free sports bottle with fruit infuser
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