Set and bump with your new water bottle

Set and bump with your new 720°DGREE water bottle!

The 720°DGREE water bottle makes it even easier to set, bump, smash and poke shots, because you enjoy drinking at all times and are therefore permanently efficient.

With your volleyball team you go into a new season and the goal is crystal clear - but already in the first game of the season it's over 5 sets and you notice that you are not yet 100% fit. At this point, a little sip of water can already help to power you up again for the fifth and final set. No problem with the 720°DGREE water bottle. Quickly you take a sip of water with taste of strawberries, raspberries, mango or just as you like it from the uberBottle with fruit bet to you and are ready to outdo the opponent in the last set with 15:10.

Our recommendation for volleyball

Auf dem Bild ist die uberBottle mit softTouch Beschichtung in der Farbe Watermelon Red zu sehen. Es gibt noch viele weitere schöne Farben, aus denen du dir Deine Flasche auswählen kannst. Es gibt die uberBottle mit einem passenden Fruchtsieb.

Coloured sports water bottle uberBottle with fruit infuser

Unsere Trinkflaschen kannst du in ganz vielen verschiedenen Farben kaufen. Sicher ist auch deine Lieblingsfarbe dabei!


With the variety of colours in the uberBottle, you are sure to find a colour that suits you or that you can combine with the club colours of your volleyball team.

Mit dem Fruchtsieb der 720°DGREE uberBottle kannst du dein Wasser ganz individuell mit Früchten verfeinern. Die Schatten von einem Apfel und von Weintrauben sollen dies verdeutlichen.


You want to give your drinks a little taste, but you don't want a sugar-rich soda? Simply pack the fruit into the fruit infuser of the bottle and the break in play or training becomes a fruity pleasure.

Alle Trinkflaschen sind BPA- und Schadstofffrei.


As a volleyball player, you want to eat a healthy diet in order to shoot harder or jump higher. Now drink your water from your clean, BPA-free bottle uberBottle.

Bei den 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es eine unglaublich große Farbpalette aus der man sich die schönste aussuchen kann. Die Farbvielfalt der Sportflaschen werden durch die abgebildeten Farb-Quadrate dargestellt.

Your uberBottle in your club colours

Sports water bottles for volleyball - whether indoor or beach!

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noLimit - robust stainless steel vacuum flask including sports lid
from €25,97
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uberBottle - BPA free sports bottle with fruit infuser
from €14,97
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simplBottle - sporty drinking bottle with a transparent look
from €11,97

Equipping your volleyball team with individualized water bottles

Mit unserem Co-Branding werden eure Trinkflaschen zu echten Unikaten!

Co-Branding for your individualized club bottles for volleyball

Here you have the possibility to secure your drinking bottles - with or without co-branding, no matter what.

Now for the co-branding

720°DGREE individualisiert deine Trnikflasche und macht sie einzigartig und besonders. Dafür steht ein Fingerabdruck.


With the Co-Branding of 720°DGREE you can equip your volleyball team with water bottles in your club colours or according to the wishes of the players.

Individualisierte Trinkflasche als optimales Geschenk


You as coach or team captain want to thank your team for a successful season and are looking for something more special than an evening in the pub? With 720°DGREE water bottles guarantees a gift that will still be in use in the coming seasons.

Die 720°DGREE Flaschen sind auch ideal für Vereine und Teams.


With a small water bottle you can strengthen the cohesion in your team and make sure that your players are even more motivated in the game.

For Co-Branding please contact us


Auf dem Bild siehst du die noLimit in der falbe Stone Grey, es gibt aber auch noch viele andere schöne Farben zu Auswahl. Durch die unterschiedlichen Deckel ist die noLimit sehr flexibel und dank ihrer robusten Beschichtung, entstehen keine Kratzer.

Stainless steel insulated bottle noLimit for hours of cool drinks!

Let´s go to the beach! We will help you to avoid having to rely on warm water for your sport, beach volleyball.

Buy noLimit now

Perfekt temperierte Getränke mit deiner 720°DGREE Trinkflasche aus Edelstahl. Ideale Isolationseigenschaften!


Thanks to the vacuum-insulated double wall, your drink stays cold in the stainless steel water bottle for up to 24 hours. So your drink will stay chilled on the beach for a whole day and you don't have to take warm water to "cool off".

Nachhaltigkeit durch Vermeidung von Einweg-Plastik - wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von 720°DGREE


Leave the beach as you found it. A big topic are the tourists, who litter the beaches and leave big garbage mountains. With the reusable and sustainable noLimit you are guaranteed to leave the beach with a clear conscience.

Mit der robusten Edelstahlflasche kann nichts mehr schief gehen!


Even on the beach, your water bottle should resist shocks and not be affected by them. With the stainless steel, your bottle can do just that. Whether shocks from the ball or from small stones, your noLimit water bottle will go through a lot with you.

Your water bottle for the beach

Let´s go to the beach - Beach volleyball with your 720°DGREE water bottle!

Come with us to the beach! Warm water from your water bottle on the beach we hereby officially say goodbye. When playing beach volleyball or simply relaxing on the beach, your 720°DGREE stainless steel insulated bottle means you'll never have to worry about warm water again. On the beach - Copa Cabana, Gran Canaria or simply the North Sea - temperatures of up to 30° and more can prevail. On the beach you like to play volleyball for your life - whether as a hobby player or participant in big championships. At these high temperatures it is important to drink enough water and not to dehydrate. If there is too little water in the tank, you will quickly feel tired and black in front of your eyes.

This must be prevented - grab your water bottle! Yes, what is it? Warm water! There are worse things, but definitely more beautiful! With your 720°DGREE water bottle for beach volleyball, your break and drinking will be a real pleasure! Our stainless steel bottles will help you keep your water cool for hours and cool down. Take care of your cooling and find your new BPA-free water bottle for beach volleyball with us.

Of course the noLimit or the milkyBottle is not only something for beach volleyball, but also only for the first part of the word - the beach. Even if you just want to spend a relaxing day on the beach, at the lake or in the park and take advantage of the warm temperatures, you can of course also use your stainless steel bottle for this. Your drinks stay refrigerated for 24 hours without the need for a cooling bag. So even on really hot summer days you always drink enough water.