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Water bottles for the pen pusher!

For the pen pusher! - 720°DGREE office water bottles

Hey you workaholic - take a break and take your time to find your perfect water bottle for the office and your work. Basically, there's no such thing as a water bottle for the office. In the morning you first need a coffee to wake up. Whether at home or at work - your coffee should always be at your side in the coffee mug or thermos flask. In the course of the day you change to water or tea. Here too, there's your perfect water bottle, so you can save yourself the trip to the tea kitchen and enjoy a permanent cup of warm tea or cool water from your 720°DGREE water bottle.


Elegant stainless steel vacuum flask milkyBottle for the office!

Unsere Flaschen haben ein elegantes und zeitloses Design.


Day after day you dress appropriately for your job. So why shouldn't this elegance also be reflected in your appearance in your accessories like your water bottle? With the insulated bottle milkyBottle you go to work day after day elegantly.

Perfekt temperierte Getränke mit deiner 720°DGREE Trinkflasche aus Edelstahl. Ideale Isolationseigenschaften!


The stainless steel insulated bottle keeps both your hot and cold drinks warm and cold throughout your working hours, so you can enjoy a perfectly tempered drink at any time.

Alle Trinkflaschen sind BPA- und Schadstofffrei.


Like all our water bottles, the milkyBottle is free of BPA. The reusable, durable stainless steel water bottle also helps you to reduce waste production and look to a more sustainable future with us.

Buyers' opinions on the milkyBottle as the perfect water bottle in the office

I bought this bottle for the office - for cold soda water. The bottle keeps cold for a long time and it can handle the carbon dioxide pressure. A beautiful eye-catcher for the desk and always nice and cool water.

Amazon customer guest, review written on 26 December 2017

The bottle really does what it promises. It is practical, very handy (I have rather small hands) and also looks stunning! I use the bottle in the office - make my litre of tea at 8 o'clock, which easily stays warm all day long.

Amazon customer Vanessa, review written on 11 March 2019

Water bottles for you, you workaholic!

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