For the university

Drinking bottle lifestyle for the students of today!

Uni-Lifestyle starts with 720°DGREE water bottles!

Heyho hard working student - how is the examination phase and the all the learning? Not so good when you're on our side, we guess. Let's face it, you made the right decision - everyone needs a break and everyone needs a 720°DGREE bottle sometime. It's part of your studies like going to a bib or a pub crawl. She also makes sure that you are receptive all day as she supplies you with fresh water.


Die uberBottle von 720°DGREE ist perfekt, wenn du schnellen Zugriff auf dein Getränk haben möchtest. Hier siehst du sie in der Farbe Snow White und mit softTouch-Beschichtung.

Lifestyle water bottle uberBottle with fruit infuser for the student!

Lifestyle Trinkflasche von 720°DGREE


Your daily companion in the university - our uberBottle - so that you have enough water with you at all times. Also at your university you will surely find someone who also has a stylish uberBottle.

Integrierter Früchtebehälter für fruchtige Getränke in deiner Trinkflasche von 720°DGREE


Water's too boring for you? With our fruit container you can spice up your water with a few slices of lime or orange, for example. Simply add a few fruits to the fruit tray in the morning and your water will be deliciously fruity.

Nachhaltige und wiederverwendbare Trinkflasche schont deinen Geldbeutel


You know how it is! You're standing at the vending machine, looking into your wallet and you're gleaming with yawning emptiness. We have an alternative. When your bottle is empty, simply fill it with fresh water from the tap and quench your thirst.

Buyer´s opinions on the uberBottle as the perfect water bottle for the university

As an athlete I am dependent on a regular water supply. With this bottle this is also on the way and in the university no problem.

Bottle is processed with high quality and feels like it. It's 100% leak-proof. And if something should happen to the seals, a replacement is included.
That the bottle is free of harmful substances is something I don't really need to mention at this price level.

Amazon customer E. Kurt, review written on 28 November 2018

I ordered this bottle for my friend. He doesn't have a proper drinking bottle for sports or for university and therefore needed a good one, which is also quite close. The shape and color is super. Doesn't smell or taste like plastic. It also closes super and with the loop you can also hold it tight. Replacement gaskets for the cover are also included in case the performance should deteriorate. He is very satisfied, can perfectly control how much he drinks. Perfect 1 litre bottle for on the road, university or sports!

Amazon customer Stella, review written on April 19, 2019

Water bottles for the hard working student!

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